Weddings & Events


When it comes to weddings, Kelly's holistic approach reaches far beyond picking your favorite flower. Kelly's design process is extensive and incorporates cues from the scale, style and location of the venue, to colors and patterns found in textiles such as table linens and the brides dress and even the style of the wedding cake.

When your special day arrives, that last thing you'll be worrying about are the flowers. Even brides with the most lavish weddings all agree that Kelly exceeds expectations time and again.

If you're planning a wedding, consult with Kelly early in the process. Keep an eye out for flowers, styles, photos, or emotions that you connect with. Collect them in a folder and bring to your consultation. Pinterest can be a great resource to discover your style, or pick up some bridal magazines for inspiration. Bringing visual examples of things you like (and even don't like) will allow Kelly to create a unique design for your big day that you're sure to love.


Much like a wedding, designing flowers for events is an art. From an intimate dinner party, to million-dollar corporate events, Kelly has the creativity, resources and experience to deliver stunning arrangements that impress every time.


Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Hugely personal, Kelly's Bouquets and Boutonnieres are as unique as the individual wearing them. Hand crafted using only the most perfect materials, they are as beautiful as huge arrangements, just on a tiny scale!

Ceremonies & Receptions

Kelly has completed installations at hundreds of area churches and event spaces and often has an intimate knowledge of how to best take advantage of your venue. Ranging from understated to over-the-top, Kelly is a master at both!

Cakes &
Other Details

Kelly will work hand-in-hand with your cake decorator to design fresh flower accents for your cake. From subtle, delicate buds to lush, full garlands, your cake will have a style uniquely created for your wedding.